Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cartoons and Eastern Europe reaction

In an interesting development RGM reports on protests from Kiev on the cartoon controversy.

On February 8, a protest action was held near the French embassy in Ukraine. The action was held by the Fraternity NGO against actions of the French mass media. The protest action was caused by the fact that French Franсе soіr newspaper published cartoons of Jesus Christ that touches upon religious beliefs of Christians.

As a correspondent reports, the action took place within trends of French disorders: four cars were burned down. As the action was of preventive nature, they were toy-cars. In their appeal the initiators of the action called to close the Franсе soіr down and claimed for official excuses from the French government.“Until the excuses are presented, we refuse to eat frogs, drink French wine, stick to French traditions in sex and supply cannon fodder to the Foreign Legion. We also refuse to eat croissants, use perfumes marked with ‘made in France’.

In Serbia Balkanswithoutboreders is reporting protests on the shortage of Danish flags ....

The Belgrade chapter of BALKANS WITHOUT BORDERS, an NGO committed to global Balkanization, has issued a protest regarding the sudden shortage of Danish flags in Serbia, and calls on the Serbian Government to take up this discriminatory trade policy with the World Trade Organization and appropriate EU bodies. .....

While we understand the sudden demand for Danish flags in the Middle East and elsewhere, this in no way excuses the current artificial shortage of Danish flags in Serbia, where the demand for them is steady, if not as spectacular. Many Serbs have a legitimate need to burn Danish flags in the streets of Belgrade and other Serbian cities, in light of the current policies of the Head of the UN Mission in Kosovo and Metohija, Danish diplomat Soren Jessen-Petersen.

In another interesting development the Greens have issued a warning on peak flags and the forthcoming global flag shortage ....

When half the flags from a particular country has been burnt, it’s a textilogical fact that the rate at which the rest can be manufactured out starts to decline. Most textile and cotton manufacturers outside China are already past their peak. When half of the world’s Flags have been burnt world flag production will “peak” and then fall.Up until now, rising demand for flagsl has always been met by increased supply.

When global flag production peaks there will be shortages, much higher prices and growing international tension over the inability to create a new revolution or country. We are not facing the “end of flags”; much will be around for at least another 50 years. However, we are facing the end of cheap and abundant flags, on which our society has been built. Even BIG FLAGS say that "the era of easy flag making is over".

The only alternative is to burn waste land and gorse to grow biodiverse crops of HEMP to keep our Flagpoles employed.The serious of this is far reaching Rent a crowd will have no purpose at demonstrations you can hardly burn your only T shirt say Fitzsimmons .


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