Saturday, May 27, 2006

Energy security the G8 energy initiatives.Overview.

One of the cornerstones of the G8 St Petersberg summit is on energy security,with multifaceted solutions across a broad series of energy resources,technology and innovation.There is no simple solution of an emergent technology that is better than an existing one,each is limited by economic or perceived constraints real or imagined.

What the G8 initatives will do,is to implement transperancy of the energy complex,identify areas of cooperation in energy resource management and transfer.Provide structure for the efficient and economic transfer of technology to the worlds poorest countries to enable development and independence,This will also enable those countries to bypass the carbon cycle where possible and to enable positive economic growth and improved standards for education,health,and infrastructure.The initiatives will enable existing economic growth .

To enable an overview of the problems and solutions the post will be in several parts to allow intepretation and pbjective analysis.


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