Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Global warming a cargo cult or Lysenkoism?

Each day we see in the MSM the prediction of major crisis and details of forthcoming climate catastrophes.In Russia and the CIS who interestingly are the major benefactors of Kyoto and emmission trading the scientific and economic R&d spheres regard this as a form of Lysenkoism.
The neutral aspect of the Planetary research institutes provide contrarian financing to research into climate change as a natural phenomena as opposed to anthropogenic.

This balance provides some exceptional research that is not reported in the west.

The assymetrical research by the IPCC and the signatory countries is viewed as Lysenkoism or a cargo cult mentality.

Nikolai Bezroukov writes an excellent dissertion on this subject for the UN Sustainable Development Networking Programme .

"The main point of this paper is that Lysenkoism is not only about intellectual pogrom, destruction of real science by pseudoscience committed in the name of a particular political agenda and more or less openly supported by the ruling party/government officials. It is also (and probably more important) a self-sustainable cult-like system of distortions, omissions, and lies that are designed to support faulty or fraudulent research of the selected "politically correct" pseudo-scientists. In this sense it's closely related to cargocult phenomenon that is better known in the Western hemisphere as well as science distortions that are associated with the military-industrial complex.

The term "Lysenkoism" denote a very dangerous phenomenon: an effort to suppress and/or outlaw a field of research or opinions when they conflict with a dominant political agenda. the main emphasis in Lysenkoism is devoted on the total control of scientific press and media in general and ruthless elimination of even slightest dissent in press. It was named after Academician Trofim Lysenko who pioneered the use a totalitarian state to suppress all research in genetics for almost three decades(1935-1965). This can be considered an incredible achievement in the age of mass newspapers and radio.

All-in-all Lysenkoism was probably the most successful and horrifying reincarnation of middle-age inquisition practice, but instead of Christianity "communist religion" was used as a hammer to crush opposition (communism can be considered as a unique flavor of Christianity; many prominent communist viewed it as a religious idea.).

The Lysenkoism is about creation of cult-style scientific establishment that has been hostile to scientific progress and has nothing to do with the scientific method -- it wanted to prosper by serving as a political force. This role of the cult-style "scientific establishment" in modern science is probably the newest social phenomenon closely connected with Lysenkoism. This system includes three major components:
Control of scientific or techno press.

Control of scientific appointments.
Control of the education system.

Read the entire paper here on the idealism of the cargocult


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