Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Faustian choice for the Greens

The faster identification of the Hn51 bird virus is finding that the focal waves are more widely spread then was first thought.It is now spreading throughout Asia,the middle east and now India.

Whilst the virus is 2 mutagenous variations away from direct human to human infection,the mutation could occur within 18 months.The who and un have identified the pandemic risks and governments worldwide are seeking vaccines now for a formative protection program.

The vaccines most advanced are ALL GE engineered.

With the greens policy on GE material as follows...

The Green Party remains committed to keeping the Aotearoa/New Zealand environment free of GE organisms. New information is constantly coming forward showing that the risks have been understated.

This policy leaves them with only 3 permutations .To change the policy,to keep the policy and refuse the vaccine,to keep the policy and accept the vaccine .

The Faustian Choice is most obvious when confronted with extinction and we witness thier hypocrisy.

Alternatively the obituary for the Greens and thier supporters in 2008 may read...

One year is past: a different scene:
No further mention of the Greens;
Who now, alas, no more is missed
Than if they never did exist.
Where's now this fav'rite of Apollo?Departed:
-and their works must follow;
Must undergo the common fate;
Their kind of wilt is out of date.


Blogger sagenz said...

this is brilliant. greens will now be shown up as the luddites they really are.

Would there morally be any difference between greens and religious nuts refusing medical treatment for their children?

3:37 AM  

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