Monday, April 03, 2006

Global cooling Niwa confirms New Zealand trend

As we suggested here on the 3 March 2006 this year is to be one of the coldest for 15 years.Due to a number of cosmic and solar factors namely expected increase of cosmic radiation we can expect a colder winter and colder climatic conditions for 2006.The movement from neutral to La Nina conditions has already occurred as can be observed from the colder winter in eastern europe and north east asia.The lower then average summer temperatures also confirm this with colder water temperatures and one of the coldest Antarctic summers on record.

In a press release, the Geneva-based agency wmo said tempearatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific had been between 0.5 and 1.0 C (0.9 and 1.8 F) below normal since the start of the 2006. "Combined with broader tropical Pacific ocean and atmosphere conditions, this is consistent with the early stages of a basin-wide La Nina event," it said.

Niwa are in climate denial however refusing to acknowledge the consensus of the worlds meterological organisation of a La Nina event.

The publication of the march figures confirm the colder oscillation as predicted last October,

March was cold with mean temperatures being the lowest since 1993. The national average temperature of 14.2 ¢XC (almost 3.0 ¢XC lower than in February) was 1.5 ¢XC below the 1971-2000 normal. These were well below average in many regions, particularly in the South Island,

Fitzsimmons has the Audacity to issue a statement suggesting we start saving power for a rainy day when it is the greens that have circumvented the construction of 1500mw of low cost renewable energy.


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