Monday, June 05, 2006

Cooling trend continues in SH

As I said on the third of march this year is to be one of the coldest winters for around 30 years.
Due to a number of cosmic and solar factors namely expected increase of cosmic radiation we can expect a colder winter and colder climatic conditions for 2006.The movement from neutral to La Nina conditions has already occurred as can be observed from the colder winter in eastern europe and north east asia.The lower then average summer temperatures also confirm this with colder water temperatures and one of the coldest Antarctic summers on record.

In a press release, the Geneva-based agency WMO said tempearatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific had been between 0.5 and 1.0 C (0.9 and 1.8 F) below normal since the start of the 2006. "Combined with broader tropical Pacific ocean and atmosphere conditions, this is consistent with the early stages of a basin-wide La Nina event," it said.

Niwa confirms the trend for may The national average temperature of 11.0 °C was 0.3 °C above the 1971-2000 normal. This was the lowest for May since 1996.

Victoria also confirms the cooling event Coolest May Since 1970 .

If there is a major volcanic eruption in the pacific rim or in the tropic area the temperature range could fall another 2 degrees.The fall in temperature was expected due to the posterior phase of the solar cycle and the 200 year low of cosmic radiation.


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