Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some inconveniant facts on energy prices.

The Greens are still in denial over energy pricing and the inconvenient fact that pricing is to reduce even further in the medium to long term.

“New Zealand, given its distance from its main markets and its heavy dependence on energy imports, stands to be even more affected than Australia by the projected decline in conventional oil production.

“The planning on alternatives to oil and natural gas has to begin now, and the Government needs to be showing leadership on all fronts. In a responsible fashion, it should be alerting the public to the problem. It should be launching a major drive to develop alternatives, invest in public transport, renewable electricity generation, change planning rules to reign in suburban sprawl, and much more.

"Such planning has to be an integral part of future-proofing New Zealand, and of ensuring our economy is sustainable, given the threats it will be facing from peak oil and climate change."

says the greens co leader on the 11 septemeber.

The fact that observations are the 15.5% fall in retail pricing in the last month and as I predicted here and on 3 posts in June the market caught up with the marketeers.

The ususal rant on the prices will rise again ,hmm lets see what the greens bible says
Future supplies are considered abundant A study by the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC), a study group established in 1988 by the United Nations and other world organisations to study the climate issue, estimates that total consumption of carbon energies in the period 1860–1998 totals just 1.1 per cent of what physically remains in the ground pending future production and consumption,
IPCC, Climate Change 2001: Mitigation, Cambridge University Press,
Cambridge, 2001, p. 236.


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