Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ministry of Truth publishes manifesto

“Fear feeds ignorance” said James Lovelock in the Ages of Gaia,*and a great niche was opened for fear when science became incomprehensible to those who were not its practitioners”

The attachment of a number to anything or anyone implies a significance that was missing from its physical description .A telephone number is valuable tool in comparison the observation that atmospheric abundance of perfluoromethyl cyclohexane is 5.6x10-15 ,or that whilst you have read this line of text a hundred thousand of the atoms in your body will have disintegrated .whilst interesting confer neither benefit or significance to your health.

Last week on Groundhog day the IPCC (aka the scientists of the Grand Academy of Lagado ) issued the Summary for policy makers The physical science basis.In accordance with the celebration of Groundhog day and the covenant of their religious rites they recycled the science ie nothing new except the changing of words to accelerate their manifesto for societal reformation.

As Chris Horner observed in this analysis.

Increasingly,a spectrum of scientists with differing views on the causes, degrees and consequences of global warming are concluding that the UNIPCC’s Kyoto regime is more about,climate politics and less about climate science.That is why a number of former contributors to the science sections of the periodic Assessment Reports have opted out of participating in the 4th assessment process some quite vocally. Unfortunately,this trend will likely facilitate diminished science and enhanced alarmism in the final document particularly the much quoted Summary for Policy Makers.

Others see the process as more about creating schemes for “social justice”and
international wealth transfers than about“saving the planet.” Or as Al Gore has written,more about population control and resolving our collective “spiritual” crisis through forced societal reeducation and a command/control reorganization of society structured around “environmental principles”,whatever that means.

Some perceive it all as more about bureaucracy-building,lavish social gatherings,
economic and political advantage,and saving face than about enhancing the health and
lives of Homo sapiens.The structure,language,and functioning of the Kyoto regime is a lawyer’s dream.

As we see here on page 14 of the Summary the Inconvenient agenda.

B1. The B1 storyline and scenario family describes a convergent world with the same global population, that peaks in mid-century and declines thereafter, as in the A1 storyline, but with rapid change in economic structures toward a service and information economy, with reductions in material intensity and the introduction of clean and resource efficient technologies. The emphasis is on global solutions to economic, social and environmental sustainability,including improved equity, but without additional climate initiatives.

As Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote in the novel We observed Д-503 lives in the One State an urban nation constructed almost entirely of glass, where everything is organized according to primitive mathematics. Sleep times are measured out for each day and each individual is given a certain number of other people to have intercourse with based on a system of coupons and scheduling. People move around according to special marches in-step with each other and wear special suits so there is hardly any way to differentiate between different people save by given numbers.

The acceleration of the manifesto by indoctrination of the young by re-education to enable them to inform on their parents was orchestrated the same day in true Orwellian fashion.

Mr Johnson said that influencing the opinions of children was crucial to developing a long term view on the environment among the public.

The implementation of one-party regulation will see this tome become the new Tower of Babel as politicians pretend they can play god.


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