Monday, May 25, 2009

Russia continues nuclear fuel supply treaty

This month Russia has completed a nuclear fuel agreement with Japan.

TOKYO, May 12 (RIA Novosti) - Russia and Japan signed an intergovernmental nuclear cooperation deal on Tuesday during Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to Tokyo.

The agreement, signed after talks between Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, opens the door for cooperation in the field of nuclear fuel cycle services and the construction of nuclear power plants.

This follows last years supply agreements with India and China.

Following the G8 energy ministers statement from Italy(see previous post)

We note that in the opinion of a growing number of countries nuclear power can contribute to diversify the energy mix, to increase power generation security and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We reaffirm that the fundamental prerequisite for the peaceful use of nuclear energy is the international commitment to safety, security and safeguards for non-proliferation (3S), while supporting the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

We call all States to adhere to existing international nuclear treaties
and continue to promote development and implementation of robust
international treaties, standards, recommendations, and monitoring
procedures both at international and national levels.

Now Russia and the US utilities will sign a nuclear fuel supply agreement.

MOSCOW — Russia, already a large supplier of nuclear-reactor fuel to Europe and Asia, is expected on Tuesday to sign its first purely commercial contract to supply low-enriched uranium to United States utilities.

With the signing, Russia’s nuclear-fuel trade with the United States will shift to a commercial footing, similar to Russia’s dealings with other consumers of fuel, like France and the Netherlands, both longtime buyers of Russian uranium.

For the United States, the change is a sign that Washington is acquiescing to the idea of a major Russian role not only in the international nuclear power market, but also in the domestic market. Russia’s outsize role in supplying uranium to American utilities had previously been justified because the fuel was a byproduct of a program to eliminate nuclear weapons. Now the Russians will be selling nuclear fuel from virgin uranium.


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