Monday, January 02, 2006

Scientific procedure.

Both the MSM and single issue fanatics seem to think that science theory is fact.That because a theory or hypotheseis enters the main area of debate that the observations immediately become law or gospel and though shalt not object to their interpretation of the gospel indeed their religion says it is in stone and though shalt not change.

Indeed as Nikolai Bezroukov writes " the intellectual pogrom, destruction of real science by pseudoscience committed in the name of a particular political agenda and more or less openly supported by the ruling party/government officials. It is also (and probably more important) a self-sustainable cult-like system of distortions, omissions, and lies that are designed to support faulty or fraudulent research of the selected "politically correct" pseudo-scientists.

The Merton norms of scientific process can be thought better as a simple flowpath like this

Observation/facts --Hypothesis-Experiment-Laws-Theory.

Each part of the process is always subject to change or reevaluation.

Two important parts of the process are the verifiability of claims and peer review.

Verifiability includes the refeering process for scientific articles and the repeatability of the experiments,

Peer review and most SIF get misconstrued on this part is a review of process and not always the underlying theory.Indeed the peer review may be as part of a similar organisation or another part of the organisation.

Harold Morowitz formulated four commandments for the scientific theory that should be adhered to .

1)Though shall not violate the laws of physics and chemistry.for these are expression of divine immanence.

2) Though shall not trespass the Razor of Occam and multiply hypotheses,but shall formulate the simplist of stories.

3)Though shalt adopt a principle of continuity so that each stage of the grand scenarion connects
with the proceeding and succeeding stages.

4)Though shall eschew miracles,for as Spinoza taught,they contravene the lawfulness of the Universe.

With these tools in mind you can view the new scare or calamity with an objective perspective.


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