Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bush calls for expanding 'clean' nuclear energy, research

President George W. Bush has called for expanding the development of nuclear energy in the United States while working with allies to keep nuclear material out of the hands of hostile regimes or terrorist networks.

"Our goal is to start construction of new nuclear power plants by the end of this decade," Bush said, saying legislation adopted last year offered incentives for building new plants. Bush also called for renewed efforts to reduce the amount of nuclear waste produced by atomic power in partnership with countries that have advanced civilian programs such as France, Japan and Russia. "Together, we will develop and deploy innovative, advanced reactors and new methods to recycle spent nuclear fuel," he said.

In other news the bbc reports that the 2012 Olympics will face power blackouts unles something is done to alleviate the energy crisis.

Tony Blair is believed to be convinced over the need for nuclear power to tackle the UK energy crisis.
The government is to announce a review of energy policy, including nuclear power, after

being urged by business leaders to tackle the UK energy crisis.

Or news from the Netherlands...

A report released Tuesday by the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, an independent advisory agency, concluded that nuclear energy could save the Netherlands euro600 million (US$713.3 million) a year, as the country seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and power households and businesses.The Dutch are seeking by 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas output by at least 15 percent from projected 2010 levels, in line with European Union targets.

Or Italy already paying the highest cost for electricity in Europe

There are strong signals from various countries on the nuclear energy issue prior to the energy minsters meeting in march in moscow.


Blogger Sam said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my post. Out of curiousity, how did you happen upon our little project?

I think you're right, there are so many different facets of this that no one has explored yet. G8 is something that we're just now looking into. Our group is kind of scraping the surface of this whole issue and finding out exactly how we want to attack things.

Personally, the whole idea of nuclear energy just frightens me. It just seems dangerous - moreso that fossil fuels, other natural sources of energy, etc.

Any ideas of places we can look to for more information on this.

10:46 PM  

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