Friday, February 23, 2007

Chickens come home to roost another Greens biblical prophecy roasted

Last year we were told of forthcoming apocalyptic cataclysmic events both economic and geophysical due to our “sinning “by the use of hydrocarbons.

Apart from the end of the world climate predictions ,we heard that oil had peaked and $100 a barrel was going to end the suburban middle class.In addition the cost of meeting our Kyoto obligations was to be in access of 1.5 billion dollars in purchasing credits,and treasury with its conservative prediction baselines had its head in the sand.

Not withstanding the absurdity of Kyoto and emissions trading being a really good idea like dehydrated water,we observe the reality.

Since then oil has decreased in price as we predicted here by 35%.

The carbon futures market has reduced from 15 euros to .85 euros yesterday.

I am predicting a new ice age due to the inverse correlation between the Greens,and reality.


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