Friday, February 24, 2006

Incentives for innovation

"I am inclined to think that rulers have rarely been above the average, either morally or intellectually, and often below it. And I think that it is reasonable to adopt, in politics, the principle of preparing for the worst, as well as we can, though we should, of course, at the same time try to obtain the best. It appears to me madness to base all our political efforts upon the faint hope that we shall be successful in obtaining excellent, or even competent, rulers."-- Karl Raimund Popper, The Open Society and its Enemies

Observation of the present government and its predecessors confirms this hypothesis with the inability to introduce unique or innovative changes for the growth of NZ and the economy .The control of society to meet the needs of the intelligentsia to indoctrinate the country into unintelligent pschobabble beureauspeaking robots is and always is a disincentive to innovate and invest,the stagnation of progress is now evident.

Cause and effect benefits , and the profit/loss portion of the regulatory alogorthim are never identified let alone quantified.The elementary physics suggest that always the Le Chatelier-Braun Principle(If any change is imposed on a system in near equilibrium, the system will change in such a way as to counteract the imposed change.)Equilibrium is never possible as it defies the rules of the universe.

The political reality is that the easiest option,and never the best fit,or innovative solution is prescribed.You can never raise the bar of excellence if you are constraining the best performers.

Without prescience for prescribed solutions NZ first signed the Kyoto protocol and then ratified it last year.Reliant on very bad advice from NZ advisors and the beaureaucratic third XV that runs the said organisations and who's scientific prowness would result in a non-invitation to the scientific olympics ,having marooned us on isolated island.The solution more committes and regulatory disensentives and rising inputs for all .

The constraints for the energy alogorthim is already indentifiable.Bad regulation,lack of infrastructure and plan.

Always they search the easiest,as they have proven they are not competant to readily provide solutions it is necessary to find viable scientific/engineering solutions from the market.

In the early 18th century the Admirality had serious problems with navigation and the longtitude problem.

Longitude is one of the co-ordinates given around the globe to help pin-point the location of a given place. The longitude planes from pole to pole lengthways. Before the technology of the modern world made calculating earth positions a simple task, the longitude posed the greatest of sea-going problems and became the subject of scientific and astronomical debate in the early eighteenth century. Ships could easily lose themselves by not being able to calculate the longitude and it has also caused many sea-going disasters.

In October 1707, the fleet of Admiral Sir Clowdisley Shovell were wrecked off the Scilly through not being able to gauge the correct longitude position of the fleet. Over two thousand men, including Shovell, were lost. This brought the subject the to fore and in July 1714, Parliament passed the Longitude Act. This convened a Board of Longitude to examine the problem and set up a £20,000 prize for the person who could invent a means of finding longitude to an accuracy of 30 miles after a six week voyage to the West Indies. It also made minor awards for discoveries and improvements to the general problem. The Board consisted of the Astronomer Royal, the President of the Royal Society, First Lord of the Admiralty, Speaker of the House of Commons, the First Commissioner of the Navy Board and three professors of mathematics from Oxford and Cambridge.

The solution was not to found from the royal society but by the son of a carpenter John Harrision with an interest in machinery and whose evolution of invention the chronometer mark 5 would travel with Cook.

I would suggest that a number of financial prizes would find a number of innovative process that would solve many coefficients in the NZ energy alogorthim.Indeed there are many solutions available now that are relatively low cost to develop.The constraining factors are the Governement and its organisations.


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