Friday, April 28, 2006

Kyoto brings innovation from Finland

Finland annouces kyoto policy and achievement of goals .Finland’s new Energy and Climate Strategy outlines the measures that will be carried out in the energy and climate policy to meet Finland’s Kyoto commitments during the period of 2008–2012. The strategy includes very concrete commitments as regards what is to be done over the next 10 years. The resources and funding have also been allocated.
According to the Strategy, Finland will invest in the adoption of renewable energy sources, in energy conservation and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Finland will utilize flexible mechanisms, defined in the Kyoto Protocol, to acquire emission units.

Nice rhectoric now for the reality........

United Power has signed a contract worth 4.5 billion euros ($5.58 bln) with Sweden's Basel AB on supplies via a power line running from Russia to Finland, the Russian-Finnish electricity company said Wednesday.
Company board chairman Andras Szep told a news conference that construction of a 300-mln-euro ($372-mln) undersea high-voltage power line connecting the Leningrad Nuclear Power Station to the Finnish town of Kotka would begin at the end of this year.
United Power is majority owned by Russia's Baltenergo, a St. Petersburg-based subsidiary of state-owned nuclear power generating monopoly Rosenergoatom. The other major shareholders are Finnish energy and investment firms.
Under the 15-20 year contract, Basel AB, majority owned by Finnish industrial firms, will buy around 90% of the electricity supplied by the power line, Szep said.
The project, proposed by Baltenergo, envisages construction of two 150-km power-line legs, each of 1,000-MW capacity.

A 900MW thermal power plant will be also built in the Leningrad region at cost of 600 mln euros ($745 mln) as part of the project. A tender for construction will be announced later this year, Kuznetsov said, adding that his company would not seek investment from Russia's Investment Fund.Through the project to link Russia's power network with neighboring Finland, 8.7 billion KW/h of electricity will be supplied annually.

Another remarkable result from the Kyoto treaty.


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