Friday, November 03, 2006

The paradox of GHG emissions

There are a number of discussions amongst the scientifically disabled that in NZ the main cause of AGHG is agriculture the punishment agenda is brought out.

Firstly let us examine the Global methane budget,the WMO announced the 16th year of NO increase in methane atmospheric concentrations.IE there has been no increase since Pinataubo in total CH4 levels.The balance of CH4 is of course modulated by 2 factors solar UV intensity,and anaerobic producers.transformers,and consumers in a word Archea.The third type of microflora.

Secondly there are arguments over nitrogen applications in agriculture.There are interconnections here with microflora both fungoids and bacterial that of course utilise N2 to remove carbon from the atmosphere.Increasing fertilisation and nodulation increases the carbon sink capacity and absorbtion of pastural grassland farming.

Overall the total outputs in NZ of NO2 are 1 one ten millionith of the natural production of N02 here.

I think Lord Lawson summarises the agenda and rational of the idiots some with dgrees who promote their market value several magnitudes above their market worth.

It is, I suspect, no accident that it is in Europe that climate change absolutism has found the most fertile soil. For it is Europe that has become the most secular society in the world, where the traditional religions have the weakest popular hold. Yet people still feel the need for the comfort and higher values that religion can provide; and it is the quasi-religion of Green alarmism and what has been termed global salvationism - of which the climate change issue is the most striking example, but by no means the only one - which has filled the vacuum, with reasoned questioning of its mantras regarded as a form of blasphemy.


Blogger Spirit Of 76 said...

Is it true that the creation of NO2 is necessary for the subsequent creation of O3 in the troposphere ?

1:04 AM  
Blogger maksimovich said...

No because NO2 absorbs intensively solar radiation in green and blue part of spectrum the irradiance at the Earth’s surface decreases.o3 due to opacity absorbs UV by refraction.

NO2 reduces the o3 reducing surface long wave radiation ie ozone increases temp.reduction reduces surface temperature.

The creation of NO2 in the ionosphere.As the proportions of N2 and o2 are 99 %of the atmospheric constiuents changes are predominant in the upper atmosphere.

The sun modulates the creation of NO2 by ionic process induced by moderation of GCR and SCR (gamma waves)in periods of high solar intensity there is less NO2 and more O3 Remains in periods of inverse solar activity increased cosmic waves penetrate the ionosphere and down to the lower atmosphere.

The SCR and GCR particles interact with N2 and O2 that result in their
dissociation and ionization.

Hence, the input of high-energy particles into the atmosphere leads to ozone destruction and generation of NO2.

10:20 AM  

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